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Remind Me to Hate You Later by Lizzy Mason

Remind Me to Hate You Later by Lizzy Mason

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A moving account of depression, grief, love, and the search for truth, perfect for fans of Jandy Nelson and Gayle Forman.

Seventeen-year-old Jules grew up in her mother’s spotlight. A “parenting influencer”, Britt shares details of her daughter’s life—pictures, intimate stories, insecurities, all—to a point that is unbearable to Jules.
And suddenly she’s gone.
Natalie has only barely begun to grieve her best friend’s death when Britt announces she’s publishing a memoir including Jules’ life and death. But Nat knows the truth behind Britt's "perfect" content—Jules hated the pressure, the inauthenticity. There’s so much more to Jules than any of them ever knew. As Nat connects with Jules’s boyfriend, Carter, and their shared grief and guilt bonds them and begins to bloom into something more, she becomes determined to expose Britt, find who is to blame in a world distorted by celebrity and the manipulations of social media.

Lizzy Mason grew up in northern Virginia before moving to New York City for college and a career in publishing. Now back in Virginia with her two cats, when not reading or writing, Lizzy loves to travel. She has visited forty-four states and eleven countries so far. She is the author of The Art of Losing and Between the Bliss and Me. • @LizzyMason21

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