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Pops on Wheels by Nikki G. Stahl

Pops on Wheels by Nikki G. Stahl

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POPS ON WHEELS is the heartwarming story of the bond between a boy, Little Man, and his Pops in a wheelchair.  Together they explore the world through many day-to-day adventures, as seen through Little Man’s eyes; eyes that don’t see a person with different abilities, they just see his Pops. Through them we learn, Pops lives as full a life with his grandson while in a wheelchair, as anyone with any level of mobility.  

Based on the author’s own experience with her father after his stroke, POPS ON WHEELS celebrates life and the ability to keep living it after the moment it changes. This book provides a lens to positively process disability by exploring the many ways in which Pops and Little Man spend their days together. Little Man loves racing Pops in his toy car and taking Pops’ dog on adventure walks. Together they swim and sing and eat and play!  

At its heart, POPS ON WHEELS is the story of Pops watching his grandson grow and Little Man loving every minute with his Pops. This is a beautiful tale about love and inclusion in our big diverse world.

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