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Mittens and Pity: Stories by Banana Yoshimoto (11/12/24)

Mittens and Pity: Stories by Banana Yoshimoto (11/12/24)

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Winner of the Tanizaki Prize in 2022, her latest short story collection from 2021, Mittens and Pity is what Yoshimoto calls the greatest achievement of her writing life since Dead-End Memories

Set between Kanazawa, Helsinki, Taipei, Rome, Hong Kong, and Hachijo-jima, the six stories collected here depict people who are struggling with recent loss and coming to terms with the truth of living with the memory. In the title story, a couple takes a honeymoon to Helsinki after both mothers, who had been against their marriage, passed away. In "Sinsin and the Mouse," a daughter who has dedicated her young adult life to caring for her sick mother, travels to Taipei after her mother's death, slowly adjusting to her new freedom and loneliness. In "Caronte," seeking closure from the accidental death of her best friend, a woman follows the last footstep of her best friend in Rome and encounters the person who has been holding her friend's final message. Instead of fighting with their pain, women in Mittens and Pity observe their emotions and find a tiny sparkle in the moment. Yoshimoto has been writing about loss since her debut and this collection showcases what Yoshimoto has been trying to achieve in the last thirty years. Mittens and Pity is wise, compassionate, and hopeful. Yes, as always, food heals the human soul in this collection. Yes, this is the best Banana Yoshimoto literature.

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