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Lulu at the Louvre by Melody Kelly

Lulu at the Louvre by Melody Kelly

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Embark on an enchanting adventure alongside Lulu, a British house mouse, in  Lulu at The Louvre  by Melody Kelly.

Lulu's curiosity sets her apart from her fellow mice, as she yearns to explore far beyond her cozy attic home. A twist of fate finds her awakening in an entirely unfamiliar place-the famous Louvre Museum in the heart of Paris!

Yet, Lulu's presence within these hallowed halls is no mere coincidence; a mystery awaits her brave spirit and clever mind, and she is determined to unravel the mystery and save the day. 

Join Lulu as she explores the beautiful Louvre Museum, makes new friends, and faces thrilling challenges. Will she solve the mystery that has brought her here and find her way back home? The answer lies in joining her on this extraordinary adventure!
Written by former elementary school teacher, Melody Kelly, this charming tale is the first in the  Lulu Mystery Series  and is the perfect first "cozy mystery" for young readers who love stories about courage, friendship, and adventure.

This early chapter book for young readers is an engaging read-aloud story for classrooms, at-home bedtime reading, or interactive reading with family or friends.

Get ready for a fun and exciting journey with Lulu, the brave and surprising young mouse detective in  Lulu at The Louvre !

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