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Koreaworld: A Cookbook by Deuki Hong & Matt Rodbard (4/23/24)

Koreaworld: A Cookbook by Deuki Hong & Matt Rodbard (4/23/24)

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A vibrant exploration of the evolution of Korean cuisine, both in Korea and in Koreatowns across the United States, with more than 75 bold, flavor-packed recipes and stunning photography from the New York Times bestselling authors of Koreatown.

Join chef Deuki Hong and journalist Matt Rodbard on an insider’s look at the exciting evolution of Korean food through stories of chefs and home cooks, as well as recipes that are shaping modern Korean cuisine, including sweet-spicy barbecue, creative rice and seafood dishes, flavor-bombed stews, and KPOP-fueled street food. In Koreatown, they explored the foods of Korean American communities across the United States. Now with Koreaworld, they show how Korean cuisine today is nothing less than an international culinary revolution.

Koreaworld begins in the bustling metropolis of Seoul where the modern-day barbecue scene is pushing into new territory with recipes like Giant Short Ribs cooked over hay, and where the city’s third-wave coffee culture is exploding. Readers also visit Jeju Island, where seafood dishes like Whole Fried Smashed Rock Fish rule supreme, and explore the plant-based temple cuisine found in the rural province of Jeolla-do, with dishes such as Cold Broccoli Salad with Ssamjang Mayo. The tour continues with late-night food adventures in Los Angeles and stops in the kitchens of innovative chefs from New York City to Portland who are putting modern spins on Korean classics with dishes like Samgyetang Roast ChickenGrilled Kimchi Wedge SaladKkaennip Pesto, and Pineapple Kimchi Fried Rice.

Filled with recipes, stories, and conversations of Korean food’s global evolution, Koreaworld is essential reading for anyone curious about the future of food.
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