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Cooking with Marika: Clean Cuisine from an Estonian Farm by Marika Blossfeldt

Cooking with Marika: Clean Cuisine from an Estonian Farm by Marika Blossfeldt

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A cookbook and nutrition guide that informs and inspires.

Created by Marika Blossfeldt, Photographs by Hele-Mai Alamaa

WINNER of the Living Now GOLD medal in the category “Cookbooks – ethnic, holiday, specialty”, WINNER in the “Cookbooks – International” category of the 2020 Best Book Awards sponsored by American Book Fest, WINNER in the category “Non-fiction: Cookbook” of the 2020 Best Indie Book Award and WINNER of the 2020 Kops-Fetherling Gold Award in the “Cookbook” category!

COOKING WITH MARIKA promotes a sensible approach to eating, cooking and vibrant living that enables you to maintain digestive health, strengthen the immune system, cleanse the body and mind, lower inflammation and achieve weight loss—not by counting calories or dieting, but simply by eating great-tasting, nourishing foods.

From the nutrition and lifestyles chapters, you will learn about the profound effects of breathing, awareness and pleasure—and how to use them consciously to counteract stress, weight gain and digestive distress. From the healthful, easy-to-prepare recipes that follow, you will expand your kitchen vocabulary to include lacto-fermented vegetables, sourdough breads and alternative flours for baking. Marika’s recipes are always based on natural whole foods and call for just a few lovable ingredients. No complicated food preparation techniques are involved because fresh, seasonal, quality produce is all you need.

Marika’s recommendations are down to earth and gentle. Her approach to nutrition is integrative, incorporating the wisdom of ancient oriental philosophies with the science of cutting-edge research. There is nothing extreme about it. She believes that we can’t help but be happy and healthy when our lives are well nourished by non-food as well as food sources: enjoyable exercise, satisfying work, harmonious relationships, fulfilling spiritual practices and a varied diet of mostly plant foods, with or without some products from humanely raised animals.

May this book inspire you to try out new foods, recipes and techniques, to be fully present and enjoy the time you spend in your kitchen, to awaken your senses and take in the beauty all around you, to appreciate your body and be attentive to its needs, to nourish your soul on a daily basis, and to walk a path paved with awareness, acceptance and gratitude.

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