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Clean: A Novel by Alia Trabucco (Translated by Sophie Hughes) (10/15/24)

Clean: A Novel by Alia Trabucco (Translated by Sophie Hughes) (10/15/24)

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From a global star and International Booker Prize finalist, a razor-sharp, unforgettable novel about a maid who's seen too much and a family at a breaking point

A young girl has died and the family's maid is being interrogated. She must tell the whole story before arriving at the girl's death. Estela came from the countryside, leaving her mother behind, to work for the señor and señora when their only child was born. They wanted a housemaid: "smart appearance, full time," their ad said. She wanted to make enough money to support her mother and return home. For seven years, Estela cleaned their laundry, wiped their floors, made their meals, kept their secrets, witnessed their fights and frictions, raised their daughter. She heard the rats scrabbling in the ceiling, saw the looks the señor gave the señora; she knew about the poison in the cabinet, the gun, the daughter's rebellion as she grew up, the mother's coldness, the father's distance. She saw it all. After a series of shocking betrayals and revelations, Estela stops speaking, breaking her silence only now, to tell the story of how it all fell apart. Is this a story of revenge or a confession? Class warfare or a cautionary tale? Building tension with every page, Clean is a gripping, incisive exploration of power, domesticity, and betrayal from an international star at the height of her powers.


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