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Citizen: My Life After the White House by Bill Clinton (11/19/24)

Citizen: My Life After the White House by Bill Clinton (11/19/24)

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CITIZEN picks up right after MY LIFE left off, as a 54 year old Clinton is leaving the White House. He has done a lot of living since then.  CITIZEN is Clinton’s front-row, first-person chronicle of his post-presidential years and the most significant events of the twenty-first century, including 9/11 and the runup to the Iraq War, the Haiti earthquake, the Great Recession, COVID-19, the January 6th insurrection, and the enduring culture wars of our times. Yet CITIZEN is more than a presidential memoir. These pages capture Clinton in a rare and unforgettable light: not only as celebrated former president and foundation leader, but also as a father, grandfather, and husband. He shares his support for Hillary Clinton during her tenure as senator, secretary of state, and presidential candidate, and openly details the frustration and pain of the 2016 election.

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