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Air by Gravel Projects

Air by Gravel Projects

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AIR is a multi-layered project by Audra Wolowiec, featuring a notational sound score for the breath. In music notation, a breath mark or luftpause (air-break) is a symbol for the performer to take a breath, similar to the comma in many written languages. The commas featured in this sound score were excavated from the Constitution of the United States of America, as an embodied interpretation of a politicized text. This score can be performed alone or together, as an individual or collective sounding, a chorus of breath. 

This hand bound artist edition is released with a 7-inch clear vinyl record featuring interpretations of the score and breath recordings by Cat Lauigan, Sadie Siegel, Caroline Partamian, and Alex Waterman.

Cover design and typography by Mark Foss. Record mastered by Ethan Primason.

Risograph printed cover (lucky risograph), laser cut print insert (FreeFall Laser), lathe-cut vinyl record (Little Elephant Vinyl), inkjet printed pages on Mohawk paper, hand bound with vellum wrap around, in sleeve sealed with vinyl comma.

10.75 x 8.25 inches, 32 pages, with 7-inch vinyl record
Limited edition of 60

Gravel Projects is a publishing platform that works collaboratively to produce publications and editions that mine the aggregates at the interstices of sound and language. Directed by artist Audra Wolowiec.

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